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Agile Sports Live

  • Momentum Zoompool
  • Joy Chinese 8 Ball Virtual Home Edition
  • Virtual Nine Tour
  • Qmasters Virtual 9 Premiere League
  • Custom CMS 1st Division League

Agile Sports Production

  • Cue Sport Events
  • Cricket Events
  • Urban Golf
  • Rugby Events

Agile Sports Apparel

  • Clothing
  • Accessories


The Owners

Johann Fourie

Hendry Erasmus

Agile Sports was established in 2020 as a company registered within South Africa. We however started the journey in the planning of this comapny during the 2018 South African Chinese Pool Championships held in Secunda. 

​Agile Sports hosts sporting events over different sporting cod
es and recently have taken the online market by storm in hosting several online leagues and events in the cuesport industry.

As the world changed during the Covid 19 pandemic, Agile Sports lived up to its reputation of being innovative and along with Adriaan Engelbreght from Zoompool to provide a platform for cuesport leagues to be played from the comfort of your own home.

Since the inception of Zoompool, Agile Sports have teamed up with various formats within the cuesport world to assist creating virtual rules to suit each individual format and make virtual online cuesport a success.

Agile Sports also plays a part in development of young or previously disadvantaged sport stars with assiting in events and ensure it runs smooth, while creating a platform for this talent to be showcased.

Agile Sports from its very humble beginnings is becoming the preferred Sport Events company due to the fast, innovative, professional manner in which we prepare and exucute our events.

Agile Sports works closely with our partners and sponsors to ensure we deliver on their needs and promote them as companies in order to receive maximum returns.

No matter what sport event you wish to host, Agile Sport will be more than happy to assist with our fast experience in the sporting and events industry to make your event a huge success.

Mission Statement, Vision and Values

Mission Statement:

We are a South African based company that hosts global and national Sports Events. We strive to with our professional conduct and experience in events, promotional material and marketing develop programs and activities to meet the goals and needs of our clients. We do this in an energetic, family-oriented environment that encourages our team members to create award-winning programs that deliver results for some of the most notable companies and brands in the world.


Our vision drives every aspect of our business by outlining a framework for what we hope to accomplish and continue to provide our clients, colleagues, and the communities we serve.

Environment: Create and cultivate an open, creative, welcoming and family-oriented workplace for our employees.

Clients: Produce superior results for clients, satisfy their needs and develop strong, meaningful relationships with our partners.

Community: Offer the global and national business community Quick, Innovative, Performance driving, Professional well-developed programs and services.

Inclusion: Represent a diverse group of clients that are supported through our multifaceted business divisions: Agile Sports Live (Virtual Platform), Agile Sports Production (Live Events), Agile Sports Apparel (Clothing and Merchandise)


Communication, Trust, Honesty, Integrity, Passion, Innovation, Knowledge

Communication: To have open and honest communication within our company, and with our clients, to ensure we are aligned and exceeding expectations daily.

Trust: To build and maintain trust with our clients, partners.

Honesty: To consistently be honest with our clients, each other and ourselves about the work we do, the effort we put in and our shared vision.

Integrity: To have integrity, strive to always “do the right thing” and treat our clients, our employees and our partners with respect.

Passion: To display the passion we have to succeed, to do our best, and create products, programs and events that deliver value.

Innovation: To provide our clients creative and innovative ideas and solutions to produce the best results possible and challenge each other to think outside the box.